“I have avoided therapy for most of my life. The reasons why are not clear to me yet. Perhaps because I just didn’t want to face my demons head on. I relented when my primary care doctor offered it to me in their office. In the ensuing weeks I have come to really look forward to my “chats” with Rebecca. And that is what they are, chats. Give and take and no deep hard questions asked point blank. But deep answers, slowly brought out. Her subtle use of our shared passion for food, her genuine desire to understand me better have put me at ease and I am better for it.

Rebecca cares. She cares about me, my mental and physical health are equally important to us both. She cares about what makes me tick, what makes me, me. She has taken the time to understand and listen to my quirks and helped me to open up about them. I have grown as a person while becoming a healthier, happier person. I know things will get better. They won’t always be easy or fast. But I know I have a partner to help me navigate the war zone of my brain.”