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This page is meant to provide you with a further understanding of the principles that guide my practice. Here you will find relevant and practical tips on how you can enhance your life. I hope that what you come across is inspiring and thought provoking! Please note that your feedback is welcomed!

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Click on the link below to read about the benefits of the great outdoors…

Some suggested hikes…

Constitution Marsh (

Mount Beacon (

Innisfree Garden (

Food is medicine….

Connecting your mind, body and spirit through YOGA…

yoga mat

yoga pose 1

yoga pose 2













Need a few minutes to unwind, de-stess and re-focus your thoughts? Look no further then this video and watch beautiful Jellyfish swimming gracefully across your screen.













“You don’t measure the success of a relationship at the funeral home”

-Esther Perel 

A bit of an introduction to how addictions may start…

Healing your mind, body and spirit through cooking…


The cultural iceberg

The anger iceberg


Suggested reading for women ….

Suggested reading by Sark


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santorini mackerel

Aegean fishing trip 1

Aegean fishing trip 2


Fishes in a box


Benefits of ‘Old World’ traditional healing through Smudging…


Smudging 101…




Letting go quote


From the January issue for East Fishkill Living, here are some of my helpful tips on how to communicate better with your spouse…

Article 2

Suggested reading for anyone who loves seafood and would like to learn more about oceanic life…

American Seafood